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Other Ceremonies

There are times in your life when you may feel the need or simply have the desire to mark an occasion with a special ritual or ceremony. These may include:

  1. naming ceremony rather than a more traditional religious christening or other ceremony
  2. reaffirmation of vows between a married couple
  3. coming of age ceremonies
  4. milestone celebrations - anniversaries, achievements
  5. commitment ceremonies

Whatever type of ceremony you choose, I can assist you in making your ceremony a special time for all of you.

Name giving Ceremonies

These have become very popular.  As part of the ceremony I will provide a printed certificate of name giving as well as certificates of appointment of mentors or God parents.

Funerals and Memorial Services

Over the years I have conducted many funeral services.  I have also participated in community Anzac Day Services, Remembrance Day and Battle of the Coral Sea ceremonies.

A memorial service can be a special way of getting friends and family together to celebrate the life of a treasured person.  This can be a time of thanksgiving and celebration.

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